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How to Be Obscure part 1

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  • How to Be Obscure part 1

    How to Be Obscure

    you ask several people what "being obscure" means, you may get a different answer from each of them. To some, "being obscure" may mean going through your daily life without calling any sort of attention to yourself.

    Part 1 Blending into the Crowd

    Match your behavior to others'. Perhaps the single best way to avoid attracting attention to yourself is to what everyone around you is doing. There is safety in numbers — if your behavior is indistinguishable from that of the people next to you, it's unlikely that you'll be singled out for any sort of special attention, especially if you're in a large group of people.

    Look utterly ordinary. Even if you perfectly match your behavior and attitude to that of the people around you, you can still easily be noticed if you look a way that's not expected in whatever situation you're in. Some fashion choices, especially tattoos, are long-term, so there's not much you can do other than conceal them.

    Keep your opinions to yourself. One sure-fire way to get noticed is to speak up when it's not necessary, so, if you're trying to blend into the crowd, you may want to try to "clam up" when your opinion isn't required. For interactions you do have to have with others, keep your responses polite and friendly, but brief and to-the-point.

    Don't look people in the eyes. Eye contact is a powerful social tool — it's a way to forge an instant connection with someone else without exchanging a single word, though some research in recent years has shown that it's not necessarily useful for getting people to like you or agree with you.

    Don't approach other people. This one is a no brainer — if you're trying to be a complete wallflower, don't approach other people and try to start conversations.

    Enjoy solitary or anonymous pursuits. As noted in the advice above, you'll go more unnoticed by strangers if you don't come into contact with them at all, so try to spend some of your free time doing things that don't require other people at all (or only require a few close friends).

    Don't break the mold. This is the first commandment of wallflowers and people who don't want any unneeded attention. Avoid publicly going against the group you're with. Don't act ways that the people around you aren't acting. Don't dress, behave or speak in ways that aren't considered "ordinary". Don't question society or your role in it. If you do harbor any sorts of disagreements that challenge the status-quo, keep them to yourself to avoid the extra attention!

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